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Review: Pilot G2 0.38mm Gel Pen

When it comes to gel pens, the Pilot G2 always ranks near the top in 'best of' lists, and for good reason. Sure it's a little overrated, but the bottom line is that Pilot has made a great smooth-writing pen with a sexy shape and vibrant ink.

Still, I wasn't that excited about reviewing the G2 in 0.38 mm. What can I say...fine point pens just don't do it for me.

That's why I was a little surprised at how much I enjoyed test driving this particular pen, which has not been widely available until recently. It wrote like a dream and offered the usual densely colored ink we've all come to expect from the G2. And, for a needle-pointed pen, it was incredibly comfortable.

The overall performance of the Pilot G2 0.38 was excellent, leaving no skips or blots as it glided over the cheap notebook paper I was using. The fine point created tight, precise lines that made my handwriting look better than it has in ages.

But it also wasn't quite enough to convert me to fine points, either. There was just too much feedback from the paper, which I find distracting while trying to translate thoughts into words on paper. And, as a heavy-handed pen user, I felt constantly in danger of gouging the paper with the tip of the pen.

For those who enjoy writing with fine-point pens, though, the G2 0.38 should serve with distinction, providing both outstanding performance and tactile enjoyment.

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