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Review: Pentel Oh! Gel

My first reaction to the Pentel Oh! Gel was, “This pen is awesome.” And why not? It was comfortable to hold, looked great and wrote well.

But then I realized I already had a Pentel gel that did all that – my EnerGel Deluxe.

And that’s basically what the Oh! Gel is, a cheaper version of an EnerGel retractable with a different look to it. Now, in some cases, “cheaper” means less expensive and in some cases, it means of a lesser quality. Unfortunately for the Oh! Gel, the latter applies.

That’s not to say that it isn’t a decent pen. As mentioned, it is an extremely comfortable pen, with a nice solid barrel and a thick, cushioned grip. The retraction mechanism is tight and responsive, which adds to the overall sense of reliability. And, of course, being a Pentel gel, it gives a smooth writing experience.

It just doesn’t do anything that many other Pentel gels already do, and, in most cases, better.

Which brings me to the two main advantages of the Oh! Gel. It tends to run more than a dollar less than EnerGels, so there’s that. And, although I’m a big fan of the EnerGel designs, I have to admit I prefer the colouring and diamond-hatch pattern of the Oh!

So, if you’re looking for a cheaper – in both senses – alternative to the EnerGel, or don’t like the way that line looks, then the Oh! Gel might make a viable alternative. But, you’re probably still better off just paying the extra for a nice EnerGel Deluxe.

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