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Review of Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard Marker Chisel Tip

Whiteboard markers come in handy in a whole range of situations, from lecture rooms to the workplace. As time goes by most things change what with new technologies, manufacturing processes & the like but the Pilot V Board Master is said to be best in the class, with its dry wipe liquid ink & environmentally friendly qualities.

Pilot V Board Master

Although it contains a low odour ink, you still get the familiar whiff of alcohol when you remove the cap. This particular whiteboard marker does however have qualities that are not so common. Like for instance the constant ink flow that doesn't require the life to be shaken into it, or need any frantic pumping on the surface to force it into action.

As part of the Begreen range not only is the earth friendly V Board refillable, but the durable tip ensures you can do so up to 4 times. Couple this with fact that it is made up of 91% recycled materials & surely a place must be secured in the Eco pen category.

This Pilot lands a thick clean 5mm line of intense colour through its medium chisel tip & can be seen at a distance, which should even be enough to satisfy those at the back of the class.

Available in 5 different non smudge colours, these markers brighten up the white space on a board much better than a blackboard & chalk, they will also flow until the very last drop of pure liquid ink, all thanks to the unique twin pipe feeder system.

So despite there being an increasing number of cool smartboards & the existence of old school blackboards, if your board of choice happens to need a dry wipe marker the V Board Master could be the one for you!

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