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Review: Caran d'Ache Frosty Ballpoint Pen

The Caran d'Ache Frosty – that name just drips elegance, doesn't it?

Not exactly what you would expect from a plain ballpoint pen. But then again, the Frosty isn't exactly an ordinary ballpoint.

I don't really have much love for ballpoint pens. Writing with them is usually like dancing with a pig, slow and completely without grace. And the ink is usually bland enough to get elected to political office.

So I was completely taken aback by the Frosty that the Pen Warrior sent me to try. The design of the pen didn't do much for me, taking simplicity a little too far as it does. Neither was I impressed with the dull color of the translucent resin barrel, although it had a comfortable weight in my hand, or the plunger mechanism which felt entirely too loose.

But when I began to write with it...well, it was such an incredibly smooth writer, my first reaction was that it couldn't possibly be a ballpoint. Even the blue ink (they come in blue and black) seemed to have a vibrance rarely found in typical ballpoint paste.

Take a look at the writing sample, and you'll see clean, clear lines. There are no skips, no clumps, just consistency.

I've recommended pens to you before that were more style than substance, simply because everyone likes a sexy pen. But in the case of the Frosty, it's the opposite – the pen's not much to look at, but the performance is very impressive.

If you absolutely must use a ballpoint pen, and you need one that writes extremely well, this one is it.

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