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Supposedly the Internet was created so scientists could communicate with each other.

But we all know the truth: The interwebz exists so we can look at pictures of cats and videos of guys getting hit in the privates and otherwise waste time that we normally would have spent doing boring real-life stuff.

With that in mind, we heartily recommend a site for all of our penthusiasts and letter-writers to enjoy. is a collection of user-submitted letters, both handwritten and keyboarded, written to any number of people on any number of usually hilarious topics.

There is the guy who is 'glad my girlfriend isn't sappy' writing to people who engage in too much PDA, a little boy at summer camp named Josh who wants his mom to know the rash has cleared up, the sandwich lover offering advice on cheese distribution to Subway, and a few dozen other must-read gems.

According to the site, it started as a class project for an Indiana college student and exists to'rekindle the art of letter writing by encouraging website visitors to share their writing online. The letter sharing blog features personal letters, love letters, funny letters, handwritten letters, and letters addressing all topics; written and submitted by website visitors from around the world.'

The site is still somewhat new, so there aren't tons of letters yet, but you'll find enough to keep you from getting any work done for a while.

The letters are sorted by category, so just look in the right rail for the ones you want. We recommend 'handwritten' and 'funny.'

And, after perusing the site, if you still feel like procrastinating, check out a couple of other favorite sites:

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