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Platinum PUR Fountain Pen Limited Edition - Coming Soon

Since the launch of Platinum's 3776 Century series in 2011 they have released several model's each with a different theme. July 2014 saw the appearance of the Nice, which is a design with a feminine touch. The barrel has pink hues whilst the nib & accents have a pink gold finish. Following in these footsteps is the PUR, also styled to embrace Nice & “the Bay of Angels” its due for release on 20th September.


The 3776 Century fountain pen range all have an innovative slip & seal mechanism in the cap which prevents the ink from drying out & pre “Nice” they were available with black red & blue barrels all with the carefully engineered hallmarks expected of Platinum.

The forthcoming Platinum PUR has been designed with the intention of bringing the shimmering azure waters of the illustrious Côte d'Azur to life. Favoured by the rich & famous for well over two hundred years this area in the South of France has seen the coming & going of Queen Victoria, Henri Matisse, Bridget Bardot & Elton John to name but a few.

This stylish fountain pen has a resin body with a transparent frosted sandblasted finish, a screw on cap & indented lines in a diamond cut effect that catch the light in the same way that sunlight reflects on shimmering water. The Silvery white hardwearing rhodium plated accents add a touch of class. At the centre of the pen a wide band is home to the logo, the 14ct gold nib also has a rhodium finish & you can choose broad medium or fine tips.

The first 2000 PUR fountain pens will have a serial number engraved on the back of the cap they will be packaged in an oval gift box with a cartridge & converter. Enhanced by the slip & seal mechanism this limited edition pen will provide a smooth reliable writing experience even to infrequent users, apparently the ink will flow if the pen is unused for 2 years.


In launching the PUR Platinum aim to have provided a matching pair of pens for couples.

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