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Pilot Prera On The Shelves At Tiger Pens

In the UK? Fountain pen lover? Budget conscious?

Good, because you're gonna like this little bit of news.

Tiger Pens is now carrying the Pilot Prera range of fountain pens in nine awesome colors!

Normally, when someone asks about a good starter fountain pen, we recommend the Lamy Safari for its ease of use, reliability and low cost (about £14). However, some fountain pen newcomers – as well as long-time users – prefer one with a more classical look.

That's the Pilot Prera.

The barrel is a sleek, simple design vaguely reminiscent of vintage fountain pens. It is made of lightweight resin with chrome-plated trim and accepts either cartridges or a piston converter to fill with bottled ink. The Prera comes with a medium nib, but writes more like a fine point.

The barrel colors range from dark brown to light blue (and include a very elegant model in a shade of ivory).

If you aren't familiar with the Prera, check out what the connoisseurs at the Fountain Pen Network have to say about them.

Bottom line, they're all-around solid pens – well constructed, attractive and exceptionally smooth writers. And the best part, they're relatively inexpensive as far as fountain pens go, selling for about £55.

Check them out, maybe waltz one across a page, then let us know what you think.

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