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Pilot G2 07 Gel Pen - Review

The G2 has been around since 1997, Pilot Pens claim that they aim to make writing a pleasure, & I set out to see how the Pilot G2 07 fared. My first impression was that it writes a finer line than I expected from a 0.7mm nib. I thought that maybe it was because it writes a 0.39mm line whereas some other pens labelled with a medium nib write a 0.5mm line.

Pilot G2 07 Gel PenThe Pilot G2 in my grip is black, this gel ink pen has a cushioned grip, measuring approx. 3.8cm, its slightly longer than other grips & as promised my fingers didn't tire.  It glided across the page without smudging & I found the ink dried very quickly, before I'd even finished the next word.

Gel ink contains water in its base & yet it is water-resistant, Pilot inks don't contain any acidic chemicals that can lead to deterioration; this means they are also archival safe.

Pilot pens are award winners, the G2 is considered a best seller by many including the global market research co. A.C Nielsen.

Available in an array of colours, 15 to be exact, including a vibrant pink, purple, turquoise & various shades of green, all of which are said to be long lasting. Whenever I see claims like this I wonder what it actually means, will it write for longer than other pens, could I expect to write  50 more pages or what? Maybe if I can find the time its an experiment for the future.  If anyone already has the answers I'd be interested to hear about it, I hate wasting time. A translucent barrel provides a window to the ink level, the cap & grip section give an indication of the ink colour. These pens are retractable & refillable.

I found the Pilot G2 07 to be a no nonsense easy going pen that was comfortable to use. As one of those people that always seems to be in a hurry a retractable pen is always a favourite, no time wasted having to pull a cap on or off & with the added benefit of not having to worry about any unwelcome stains in my bag.

Pilot G2 07 Gel Pen Written Review Pilot G2 07 Gel Pen Written Review
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