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Pilot FriXion Goes Retractable in the UK (And There's a Contest, Too)

The Pilot FriXion is a nifty little erasable ink pen that has gotten lots of love since it was launched a few years ago. It's popular with editors, artists, quilters and most every kind of writer, and has consistently received decent reviews.

Except for one common complaint – the positioning of the eraser. The FriXion, until now, has been a stick pen with the friction eraser on the end of the pen. If you write with the cap posted, you have to stop and remove it any time you want to erase.

Not anymore.

The NEW FriXion Clicker is a retractable pen. You press the pocket clip to advance and retract the writing tip. There's nothing to get in the way of the eraser.

Pilot Pens UK tells us the pen will be available Dec. 1. It will come in a 0.5mm needlepoint and a 0.7mm rollerball. The Clicker will offer all eight FriXion colors currently available in the UK, including light blue, purple, pink and orange, as well as the standard blue, black, red and green.

They can be refilled with standard Frixion 0.5mm and 0.7mm refills.

The pen will continue to use thermo-sensitive ink that disappears when heat is applied through friction. The ink reappears when the writing surface is exposed to extreme cold, such as by putting it in the freezer.

As part of the launch, Pilot is also running a contest in the UK.

From Pilot UK's marketing manager Alex Sinclair:

"We’ve got four funny video clips which show just how easy it is to fix it with FriXion when you want to quickly correct a mistake...for every clip submitted that we think is as funny, or funnier, we will pay £250 and upload the clip to our site."

That's right, £250 for each winning 15 - 30 second video.

You can check out the videos, see the rules and upload your own clips at the Fix it with FriXion site. (The 'Friar' video is hilarious.)

The contest will run for "several months" to help promote the additions to the FriXion line of pens.

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