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Pilot Frixion Ball Erasable Rollerball - Review

As the oldest manufacturer of writing instruments in Japan with branches throughout the world, its no surprise that Pilot have several collections on offer, one of which is the Frixion range. Known as the Frixion family they even have their own web site where you can read all about them including the secrets of the ink that allows you to correct mistakes by erasing & immediately re-writing without leaving a residue on the page.


One member of the family is the Pilot Frixion Ball BL-FR7, an erasable rollerball with a 0.7mm tip that can be refilled with BLS FR7 refills. These pens are available in eight vibrant colours, I am putting a blue one through its paces.

The eye catching design consists of a large silver pattern on the barrel reminiscent of a tribal tattoo. The cap hosts the branding along with a pocket clip, which is not very flexible & feels as though it could be susceptible to breaking with frequent use.

I like the fact that the Frixion Ball has a nice rubbery grip, it's also well balanced & comfortable to use. My writing experience was positive, this rollerball is a smooth & easy to use. I have noticed that some people have criticised both black & blue ink colours as being too light, I can obviously only speak for myself & comment on the blue ink but didn't have a problem.

Now on to the eraser, as I like to post the cap on my pens the fact that eraser was on the pen itself was a little annoying. That said, with cap removed & the eraser in action I found it did a sterling job, leaving no trace of text or debris behind. This proved to be the case not just on freshly written text but also on writing at the top of my page.

All in all a pretty positive review, I can see that erasable pens have a place. Ideal for the odd correction as it beats reaching for the tippex, although I wouldn't want to rub out a whole sentence.


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