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Pilot BeGreeN – The First Full Range of Recycled Pens

Looking for simple ways to reduce your environmental footprint? They don’t get much easier than this: buying recycled ink pens from the Pilot BeGreeN line.

Pilot Super Gel Ink Pen

The BeGreeN range (no, we don’t know why the “n” is capitalized) is made from recycled plastics, but look and function just like standard Pilot pens and mechanical pencils. According to the company, the percentage of recycled materials in the pens is calculated by the weight, excluding replaceable parts such as ink cartridges or pencil lead.

There are 20 products in the BeGreeN range, and the amount of recycled material in each varies by product. For example:

  • The Super Gel disposable stick rollerball contains 93.3 percent recyclables.
  • The Rexgrip retractable ballpoints contains 77.7 percent.
  • The Rexgrip mechanical pencil contains 71.9 percent.

OfficeSupplyGeek applied his usual scientific method to a review of the Precise V5 BeGreeN. He dug up an old standard V5 so that he could see if the green model would perform as well as the non-recycled pen. Aside from noting a slightly broader tip on the BeGreeN, they functioned the same.

He wrote:

To my surprise there was absolutely no difference in the way that these pens write, they are both incredibly smooth, especially for a pen with such a fine point.

While the pens get good reviews, some mention has been made of the fact that Pilot could do a better job of making it easier to get refills for its pens.

OfficeSupplyGeek suggested packaging new pens and refills together, and a commenter on the Green Gear blog pointed out that the per-unit price of Pilot pen packs make it cheaper to buy new pens than to buy refills for them.

But offering pens made from recycled materials is a great start. And, since they cost the same as standard Pilot pens, there’s no reason not to buy them instead.

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