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Photographer Ina Jang Starts With Her Notebook

New York Times Magazine cover shot by Ina Jang.

It's not uncommon for a photograph to inspire an artist's sketch, but Ina Jang is a photographer who uses her sketches to inspire her photographs.

She sketches out her ideas for photos using a fine-point Uniball Signo and a Moleskine notebook, then turns those sketches into reality, according to this excellent story about Jang in the New York Times.

They're usually just rudimentary drawings, tagged with cryptic notes, but they serve as a basic blueprint for her. She uses the sketches to help develop and stage the ethereal photographs that are her art form, just as any painter who starts with a pencil drawing before moving onto the easel.

Jang told Foam magazine of her work:

I have treated my recent work more like drawings. I envisage the image, as I am drawing on a white canvas, and simplify the elements in the photographs.

Unfortunately, her own website does not seem to be working, but Trendland has a series of recent Ina Jang photos that are worth seeing.

Meanwhile, we're curious about how other artists are using their notebooks. Do you have any specifics tips or techniques you can share with others about how to get inspiration from your notebook?

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