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Peter Vardai's Multi-Function Pen Design

This has to be one of the most unique pen designs we've seen in quite a while, so we wanted to share it with our readers and find out whether anyone would actually use it. In short, it's an interchangeable ballpoint/fountain pen/mechanical pencil/digital pen with a built-in torch, music player and Bluetooth transmitter.

It's the creation of Hungarian designer Peter Vardai. According to his website, he dreamed it up as part of a competition to design a writing instrument as a business gift. Put together, it looks like a shark poised to take a bite out of something.

The pen, which he does not give a name on his site, breaks down into seven components which can be rearranged according to the user's preferences. In addition to the LED light and other items mentioned above, users can add pieces like a camera, a laser pointer, or a WLAN antenna.

From the site:

The pen can be charged in the pen-dock, and through that you can send data to the computer, and from the computer to the pen. The dock helps to use the camera and the microphone in the correct height. The parts of the pen are connected with small plugs together, which give the energy forward, and guarantee the connectivity and the stiffness.

He doesn't give any information about the pen portion, such as explaining how the fountain pen would be filled. Since the various pieces aren't that big, it must not hold much ink. We've sent him a note to inquire about how the pen works, and we'll let you know if he gets back to us.

So what do you guys think? Would you use a pen like this, or is it too much in one package?

3 thoughts on “Peter Vardai's Multi-Function Pen Design”

  • alex

    It seems very good, a good idea but... Its not very portable is it... Id compare it to an ipod where it can be charged over night and used all day but at the same time it does not look small enough to carry it around and not feel silly....

    • TonyB

      Yes, definitely seems like the kind of pen you would leave at home or at the office and just use there, instead of trying to carry it with you.

  • Pete

    Even though I am a self confessed gadget lover it's a bit too James Bond for my liking.

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