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Rodney at GreaseMonkeyHands discovers that his son enjoys cursive handwriting.

Nifty at Notebook Stories points out a notebook that looks like a VHS tape.

Dowdy at The Pen Addict hosts a guest review of the Zebra Regal Liquid Ink NR5.

Alex at Economy Pens finds that the Dong-a Comssa Computer Sign Pen fails to impress.

Brian at Ink Nouveau solves a minor problem with the Lamy Studio.

Seth at Good Pens gets good use out of his new Parker Jotter Mechanical Pencil.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens feels no love for the OfficeMax Gel .07mm.

Julie at Peaceable Writer examines Platinum Blue-Black ink and gives it a thumbs-up.

David at Seize the Dave highly recommends the TWSBI Diamond 540 fountain pen, a step up from the also-excellent 530.

Margana at Inkophile puts Noodler's Blue Nose Bear ink to paper for disappointing results.

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