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Nate at Metal Miner heaps praise on the steel Studio fountain pen from Lamy.

Dowdy at the Pen Addict welcomes a guest reviewer's take on Noodler's flex pen.

DianeB at Pocket Blonde educates us on the finer points of the Moleskine rollerball pen.

Nifty at Notebook Stories turns a critical eye toward the fountain-pen friendly Hitlist Notebook.

Peninkcillin finds flaws in Noodler's Operation Overlord Orange ink.

Derek at Derek's Pens and Pencils shares the bounty from his latest writing instrument shopping spree, which netted an Aquamarine Lamy Safari, among others.

Margana at An Inkophile's Blog asks whether it matters that daily mail delivery in the U.S. might go the way of the dodo.

Julie at Whatever delves deep into the pages of Moleskine's Passions Dog Journal.

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