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Spring is in the air & Garden Party is the theme for the Ink Nouveau May Ink Drop

Stuck for ideas for choosing Brush pens for Art? Check out Miriam's guide at Jetpens

Seth at Good Pens talks about his likes & dislikes of liner/drafting pens when he reviews The Ohto Graphic Liner

Laurie at Plannerisms takes a closer look at MiracleBind notebooks & is asking for comments

Julie B from Whatever welcomes the May Carnival of Pen, pencil and paper

George takes a closer look at the Lindy School Pak in my supply room

Lung shows of his Earth Dragon Birthday Card over at Robot Ninja Monsters

Lito at Writing Instruments asks if Waterman Red Ink has been altered by the ravages of time

Jeff blogs about his experiment with an E+M Shaper wood-body ballpoint over at the Pen Addict

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