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IL at Pen and Design loves the Pelikan M205 fountain pen, flaws and all.

Retrenders introduces City Landscape Pen Stands from Muji.

PKM at Fountain Pen Restoration investigates the the mysterious Hull's fountain pens.

Nancy guest blogs at Crazy Sexy Life on the power of the pen to spark creativity.

George at My Supply Room displays his brilliant collection of Wearever pens.

Alex at Economy Pens takes a shot with the W.A. Stark .30 Cal. Bolt Action Pen.

Heather at A Penchant for Paper shares her take on the 2012 Limited Edition Lamy Safari in green.

Brian at OfficeSupplyGeek gives a thumbs-down to the Pental Pulaman disposable fountain pen.

Matthias at Bleistift explores a Staedtler store in the heart of Nuremberg.

Laurie at Plannerisms opens up her new Undercover UK recycled leather diary.

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