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Tom at Goldspot Pens declares Conid's Fountainbel Bulkfiller winner of the Pen of the Year contest.

Margana at Inkophile explains why you need an ink blotter.

Angelina at Does this Pen Write finds comfort in Dixon Tri-Conderoga pencils.

Cheryl at Writer's Bloc revisits the basics of fountain pen cleaning.

Brad at The Pen Addict gives his approval to the Bic Intensity Fine permanent marker.

Lito at Palimpsest delves into the history of the Geo. W. Hughes Million Pen.

Stephanie at Rhodia Drive tells the secret of why Rhodia notebooks are orange.

John at Pencil Revolution goes camping with the Rite in the Rain No. 373 notebook.

Julie at Pens Papers Inks...Whatever shares pics of her Ken Cavers Bamboo fountain pen.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens color-coordinates IKEA gel pens.

Steve at Recording Thoughts checks out the Caran d'Ache Ecridor fountain pen.

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