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Matthias at Bleistift discovers the Chung Hwa 6903 pencil in Shanghai.

Cheryl at Writer's Bloc peeks inside the Fabrica Pocket-in-a-Pocket notepad.

Julie at Pens Paper Inks...Whatever offers the DeAtramentis Black Edition for your consideration.

Alex at Economy Pens recommends the Pentel EnerGel X 0.7mm Violet.

Terri at Filofax Fixation confesses her newfound obsession with the Lamy Al-Star.

Yochanan at Multi Pen Dimensions checks out the SK-Sharbo +1 multi-pen.

Dave at Seize the Dave gives good marks to Rohrer and Klingner Verdigris ink.

JJ at Penagerie grouses about the Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencil.

Rodney at GreaseMonkeyHands receives a Namiki Sterling Dragon as a gift.

PenandPaperHoarder dismantles the PHX-1: Design Tool Set.

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