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Quinn at QuinnCreative experiments with refilling the versatile Pilot Parallel Pen for artwork.

Mark at Good Kit names the Sharpie Stainless Steel as the best cheap alternative to a tactical self-defense pen.

Rhonda at the Blog of Rhonda Eudaly points out the benefits of the micro Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25 mm in editing.

Nancy at Tattered Garden tests out the Pilot FriXion gel for use with quilting.

The Pen Buff gets back to pen reviews with the Pentel RSVP.

Marilyn at The Toymaker's Journal shares her love of the good ol' wooden pencil.

Whimsy Whims hilariously confesses her compulsion to steal ink pens.

Alex at Economy Pens combines a TUL with a Zebra refill to come up with a smooth fine-tip pen.

Oksana at Details by Oksana explains how to turn an ordinary gel pen into a special wedding register pen.

Steve at Recording Thoughts explores his return to using a pencil.

Chris at Chris Koehler Art & Illustration demos his favorite Pentel Arts supplies.

Tom at Goldspot Pens reveals the winner of the 2011 Pen of the Year voting: the Edison Collier.

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