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Yochanan at Multi Pen Dimensions offers effusive praise for the .07mm Muji Aluminum ballpoint pen.

Heather at A Penchant for Paper opens up the Pentel School Essentials Pack she won in our giveaway last month.

Peninkcillin nearly loses the EF nib from a Lamy Al-Star down an open drain.

Leigh at Leigh Reyes shares a look at her Sheaffer Balance fountain pen.

Julie at Whatever unveils a beautiful new Danitrio Densho fountain pen.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens shows off her pen collection, anchored by a whole store's worth of Pilot Hi-Tec Cs.

Nifty at Notebook Stories takes a look at the Pentalic Illustrator's Sketchbook.

Rob at 'Skine.Art displays some of his cartoon doodles, made with a Lamy Safari and pencil.

Seth at Good Pens unlocks the awesome-looking Key Pen from JZ Designs.

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