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Pentel Line Style Ballpoint Pen Review

As I sorted through my stash of pens for something to write about this bright pink ballpoint almost jumped out of the box at me.

A stylishly tapered ballpoint pen with an 0.8mm tip that writes a 0.4mm line. Pentel are dedicated sponsors of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Purchasing this pink edition of the Pentel Line Style will benefit the Breast Cancer Campaign as Pentel are offering to donate 20p for every pen sold towards research in the UK.

This pen is certainly eye catching, as well as the slender pink barrel it has a neat matt stainless steel grip section & clip, with the end cap plug denoting the colour of the ink. When it comes to the grip however, in practical terms I'm not sure that it works as well as some of the rubber styles. That said I appreciate that a large chunk of rubber would definitely detract from the style here, most certainly a case where beauty over comfort wins the day.

Other positives are the low viscosity ink, I did find it flowed freely without blobbing, available in black, blue & pink it's also fade resistant. The barrel has a scratch resistant finish, no worries if it finds itself in the glove box of the car rubbing up against the odd wheel nut.

On a negative note, my experience was that during use the grip section came loose from the barrel on occasion & I had to re-tighten at the nib housing which was a little annoying. Still for every negative I usually find a positive & based on looks & a donation to a good cause the Line Style gets my thumbs up.

Pentel Line Style Written Review Pentel Line Style Written Review

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