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Pens in the News

•A story in BusinessWeek explains that Close the Loop, the company that recycles inkjet printer cartridges for Lexmark, has figured out a way to turn used printer cartridges into ink pens. The company expects to start selling them later this year. Wonder if their pens will just snap into place.

•Apparently, Porsche Design believes there is a substitute for Faber-Castell. The German luxury goods maker has dumped its original partner and gone with Pelikan to continue producing the company's line of high-performance pens, according to The Moodie Report.

•The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a nice piece on the Philadelphia Pen Show, including a brief visit with nib maestro Richard Binder, who revealed that he has 400 pens in his personal collection, including the obligatory Parker 51. If you haven't had a nib customized by Binder, he comes highly recommended.

One thought on “Pens in the News”

  • Pete

    An interesting piece about recycling empty ink cartridges into pens. I like the idea but I suppose their success will depend on if they can make the pens cheaper than the big Pen Manufacturers.

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