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Pen and Ink Potpourri

Sometimes we find fun bits of pen, paper and ink miscellanea that might not be worth posts by themselves, but together make for some amusing reading.

Here are a few for your weekend reading pleasure.

Your autograph, please

The student newspaper of Columbia University ran a tongue-in-cheek column by Evan Siegel explaining "How to write your name like an Ivy League student." The upshot: The only acceptable signature comes from a fountain pen.

Daddy, where do pens come from?

Cool Material stayed true to its name with an interesting graphic showing the "Evolution of the Pen." Nice touches included giving credit to Ohto for its development of the first rollerball in 1963. Points deducted for not mentioning Laszlo Biro.

This is nothing like drunk-dialing

Heineken, the beer company, is sharing the pen love this Christmas season with a robot that "handwrites" holiday greetings. Just go to the site, type in your message and the Montblanc-bearing robot beautifully transcribes it. Heineken even sends your message for you. (Recipients must be 21, and no NSFW language is allowed.)

Fountain pens, you say? How novel!

The Telegraph's Luxury section discovers fountain pens, seemingly for the first time, in a breathless bit about these examples of "portable wealth." Of course, they focus on status pieces by makers more known for luxury items than writing instruments, but hey, someone is mentioning pens.

More readers need more pens

Market analysts at GIA have released a report on the global stationery market. To save you from the boring stuff – and the report's nearly US$5,000 price tag – we'll summarize for you. Sales are going up because of increasing literacy rates around the world and because of the increase in new businesses and a more mobile workforce. According to the Wall Street Journal, pens are an US$8.5 billion industry. Yep, with a "B".

The purloined pen

So a lawyer going through a metal detector at a courthouse in Texas accidentally leaves behind his US$1,000 Montblanc. When he goes back for it, it's gone. He gripes to a buddy of his who happens to be a sheriff, the sheriff looks at the security video and it turns out another lawyer picked it up and took it. The pen gets returned. The punchline: The lawyer who took the pricey pen is the new Attorney General of Texas.

And we're turning green

Want to experience some serious pen envy? Go to this catalogue from a recent Bonhams pen auction and scroll through the hundreds of fountain pens that sold to people who aren't you. Namiki, Pelikan, Omas, Parker, Sailor and more. But then take a look at the prices and congratulate yourself on all the money you didn't spend.

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