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Pen And Ink Potpourri

Can't get enough of pens, paper and ink? Check out these bits of pen miscellanea we've collected for your reading enjoyment.

Forget oil, invest in pens

The BBC has devoted quite a bit of space to pure penography for fountain pen collectors, including offering some advice for finding and maintaining choice additions. The network's conclusion: There is more demand for vintage fountain pens than there is supply. 

The glories of graphite

British writer Steven Poole sings the praises of mechanical pencils in an essay for the Atlantic Monthly website. He just doesn't get anyone who writes in pen or with any kind of obsolete pencil.

A good mechanical pencil is, simply, more practical. The existence of pencil sharpeners or pencils shrunk to tiny stumps through long use are foolish rumors of a bygone age.

Ink meets water

Gizmodo discovered an exquisite video by Leigh Reyes showing some experimental art she created with water trails and fountain pen ink. Leigh apparently got so many requests from the Gizmodo link that she posted a photo of what it looked like once the water and ink dried.

Will the tickets cost a fortune, too?

Pilot is opening a museum in Hiratsuka, Japan to showcase its Namiki fountain pens. The museum, located near the factory where Pilot makes maki-e pens, is part of the lead-up to Pilot's 100th anniversary in 2018.

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