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Pen Carrier or Pen "Borrower"?

Which person are you: The one who always has a pen or two in your pocket, or the one who borrows pens and, like as not, doesn't return them?

(Shamefully, I'm one of the latter – although it's usually not on purpose. The upside is I save a lot of money on pens.)

Whichever you are, you should check out this funny bit of ink pen venting from three writers at Perpetual Post. One of the best parts:

I am a pen carrier.  My spouse is not.  As you might imagine, this leads to a great deal of strife.  He is always borrowing my pen, which means I am subsequently without a pen.  This is grossly unfair, since I brought the damn thing in the first place.

Sometimes, when he asks to use my pen, I lie and tell him I don’t have one.  I look him square in the face, and I lie.  He knows I’m lying, too, and it makes him a little sad.  But there are days that I simply will not give in.  There are days that I need to take the power back.

And then there's this from Seth at Good Pens: He raided his wife's pen cup and discovered, among the junk pens, a Pilot Hi-Tec-C she'd nicked from him.

He apparently feels pretty strongly about his Hi-Tecs.

You can pass me a kid with a diaper that has passed maximum load capacity and I will gladly share the responsibilities...but come on....a High Tech-C? That just hurts.

For those who've never seen one...

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