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Parker's New Range of Premier Pens

Parker PremierParker recently unveiled four new models in its Premier pen range, and they're all envy-inducing.

The pens come in four distinct finishes: black with a silver neo-tartan chiselled cap (pictured at left); black lacquer with gold trim; black lacquer with silver trim; and, chiselled silver. With each finish, you have your choice of fountain, rollerball...or ballpoint. (Seriously? Why spend the money on  Parker if you're going to settle for a ballpoint?) You can expect to pay between £75 and £170, depending on the finish and type.

The fountain pen nibs are made of solid gold.

Each pen is sold in a gift box. Fountain pens include five ink cartridges and a converter. Rollerballs and ballpoints include a single black refill. Refills are available in two sizes and four colours, including basic black and blue.

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