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Painting Stones with Artline OHP Markers

We received an enchanting letter from a customer who was representing a small group of people in New Zealand, who have been using permanent marker pens to write on painted stones. In their letter they explained that they had tried over 30 different permanent pens before finding the perfect one.

Many of the rejected pens blurred when the writing was applied while the others the writing faded over time. The one product that doesn’t exhibit these liabilities is the Artline Permanent OHP Pen.

Struggling to obtain this specific item locally, they happened upon our website where we carry stock of the Artline 853 OHP 0.5mm fine marker pen in 8 different colours and they wanted to ensure that we would be continuing to stock these pens. The image below shows some of the excellent painted stones that have been created by the group.

Painted StonesOne of the group’s members Wendy Edwards has recently written a book “The Stones Cry Out” about the art of painting stones, she provides her own recommendations for the best pens and paints to use. As well as the Artline OHP Pen in the book she recommends  using Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic paints & Benjamin Moore Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane High Gloss Varnish.

The art of painting stones is becoming increasingly popular across the globe with many reported sightings of these wonderful treasures appearing regularly throughout UK towns and villages.

People of all ages are joining the craze of adding creative designs to small stones and then hiding them in parks and other public places, for individuals to find. Individuals can then choose to pick them up, or not.

There is even a special Facebook page (Love on the Rocks UK) celebrating the painted stones phenomenon. If you wish to join in with the fun, you simply paint your design on a stone, write ‘Love on the Rocks’, on the back, then hide it for a stranger to find.

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  • Steven verrier

    This is an awesome story! I live in North Carolina and we do these rocks also and our group is called Dallas NC rocks! We like to think of it as an act of kindness because the rocks we paint can lift someone's spirits if they are having a bad day or give them positives thoughts.

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