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Novelty Pens Make Great Stocking Stuffers

You know we love us some novelty pens here at the Tiger Pens Blog.

With Christmas and other gifting holidays coming up, we figured this would be the perfect time to share some new finds.

There are novelty pens for kids, for adults and for both. Check 'em out.

LEGO Ninjago Retractable Pen

lego ninja pen

Ninjas + LEGOs = win. What else needs to be said?

Little Gummy Bears Ballpoint Pen

gummyy bear pen

Do you nibble on your pens when you're thinking? The detachable gummy bears are not edible, but at least you will look like you're not just gnawing on a pen for no reason. Or, you could just give these to your kids.

Confidential Secret Decoder Spy Pen

secret decoder

Slap "secret decoder" on anything and we're in. This pen writes in invisible ink that only shows up under the UV flashlight thoughtfully included in the cap. Great gift for kids. And grown-ups.

SwissPen X-1 Multi-Function Pen

Ballpoint pen. Map light. Scissors. Letter opener. Nail file. Screwdriver. Santa, we've been good-ish all year. Now take the hint. (These things seem to be in and out of stock, so grab 'em while you can.)

Mustache Talking Pen

mustache pen

Have a friend who is totally jelly of your awesome 'stache? Does he have trouble talking to the ladies? Then this pen is the perfect gift. Not only will it make him look way studly, but it also says 'Well, hellooo there,' on command. He'll thank you.

Dr. Seuss 10-Color Pen

dr seuss

Pens with characters from Dr. Seuss stories. And they write in 10 different colors. Buy more than one to avoid Christmas morning brawls.

Jumbo Ballpoint Pen

jumbo pen

That co-worker who keeps taking pens off your desk? Gift him with a pen that can be seen from anywhere in the office.

Naughty Man Pens

naughty man pen

Somebody, somewhere in your life needs a gag gift that will make them blush. Pens not for use...well, anywhere. Definitely adults only.

Did you put off shopping for gifts until the very last minute?

Proscrastination Pen

Gift yourself with this one.

procrastination pen

And from the 'What are they thinking???' category:

Machine Gun Pen for Kids

machine gun pen


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