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New Ink Pens Coming From Uniball

Uniball, you've made us so, so happy.

We've taken a look inside the 2012 Uniball UK catalogue and found some new pens that we can't wait to try. The most exciting: the Signo 207 Bold.

But more on that in a minute.

Uniball plans to debut its new UK additions later this month at the Stationery Show in London.

“We are looking forward to the Stationery Show and intend to leave quite an impression by launching several new products,” said Stuart Barker, marketing manager for Uniball.

Those include the Signo, a new line of colors for the Uniball Insight, and a weather-resistant uni Chalk Marker.

The Insight is a medium-point liquid ink rollerball targeted to school children, now available in black, blue, red, green, violet and a shade of purple called, perhaps unwisely, 'wine.' Uniball says the variety and bright colors make them 'ideal for school,' but we wouldn't mind having a set on our grown-up desks.

The Chalk Marker is a wet-erase marker for use on chalkboards that Uni is marketing to pubs and restaurants and other businesses that use sidewalk signs to draw customers inside. The marker writes on metals, plastics and glass and is supposed to be resistant to rain and the elements. It can be wiped off with a damp cloth or mild detergent and comes in white, light blue, red, violet and fluorescent pink, green, yellow and orange.

And finally, the Signo. Some people love fine-point pens, and some of us love a big ol' broad tip pen that writes a thick, dark line that says, 'Look at meeeeee!' Frankly, we in the latter category don't get that many opportunities to celebrate, but this is one.

The standard Signo 207 is one of Uni's flagship pens, known for being a smooth and reliable writer, with a sleek, albeit understated, design. It uses Uniball's hybrid Super Ink, touted for being fade- and tamper-resistant. As a comfortable performer, it easily ranks with the Pilot G2 and the Pentel EnerGel.

However, until now, the 207 wasn't widely available with a broad point, except in an art/hobby stick pen model. The retractable 207 Bold changes that by offering a 1.0 mm tip in an everyday use pen that promises even smoother writing and richer pen strokes than we've seen before from the Signo. It will be available in black, blue and red.

If you feel a Gollum moment coming on, we understand. Us too.

Soon as we've had a chance to test drive them, we'll let you know.

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