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New Bond Pen? More like Mr Beans!

I came across this headline while browsing the net the other day

New Bond gadget? A tiny pen paper shredder with “invisible letters writing”

Being a bit of a gadget freak on the quiet I was quite intrigued and clicked on the link looking forward to seeing what this new pen was all about.

Unfortunately the headline was far better than the blog post which opens with “New from some Chinese company: a manual paper shredder inside a pen.”

Invisible Ink Pen & Shredder

1:White led flash light on top
2:Writing ballpen
3:Write out invisible letters.
4:Light the letters with LED light on top and read your secrets.
5:Paper lacerating function.

As for the pen itself it is quite quirky and I think that it will appeal to young boys. They will have great fun pretending to be a secret agent like James Bond.

With this pen they would be able to send secret messages to each other that their teachers cannot read. Then destroy the evidence with the shredder.

I can’t quite see M pulling this pen out of his pocket and giving it to James Bond it’s no way cool or exciting enough.

Although I could see Rowan Atkinson character Johnny English in the spoof spy thriller of the same name brandishing it to impress somebody.

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