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Leather Everyday-Carry Pouch For Pens

Larry at The Gadgeteer recently shared a photo of his everyday-carry set, and I was particularly intrigued by one piece that seems perfect for pen people.

The Pocket Carry System from Dragonthorn Leatherworks is a custom-made pouch designed to keep all your pocket items in one compact carrier.

Example of Pocket Carry System by Dragonthorn LeatherworksThey are made from leather by Dave Hauser to individual specifications. According to his webpage, variations can use vegi-tanned leather, contrast stitching and calf-skin lining, among other things.

Most seem to be made to fit three to four everyday-carry items.

In Larry's case, that includes:

In the center I have my Dragonthorn Leatherworks PC. I designed this holder to carry a Retro 51 Tornado pen (a hold over from my Palm Pilot days) and a Victorinox classic pen knife along with my credit and ID card on the back side. This set up has really forced me to think about what I want/need to carry.

I'm experiencing some serious pocket envy here.

Normally, I carry my pens clipped to the inside of my pocket and am always paranoid about stabbing myself or poking a hole in the pocket when I sit down.

Also, I really dislike carrying a wallet, so my driver's license and cards often end up getting bent and creased from carrying them loose in my pocket.

A Pocket Carry System like the one Larry has would take care of that quite neatly, plus they look great. The price is a little steep – somewhere in the neighborhood of US$100+ – so it will have to go on my wishlist for now, but I think it would be money well spent.

Julie at The Gadgeteer reviewed the PCS when Hauser made one for her everyday-carry set. Check out her take on it.

What do you think, is this an item that you would use for your pens and other everyday carry gear?

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