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Uni Kura Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Review

I'm probably not the best person to write a review on a mechanical pencil as I just don't do drawing, neither do I have a technical bone in my body, if that makes sense. What I do have however is an interest in writing & anything a little bit different.

Uni-ball Kur Toga 0.5mm

So, I'm more than happy to put pencil to paper & write a few lines on the Kura Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm. The first question I want to ask is what does the name mean? Coming from the stable of a Japanese maker in Uni-ball there has to be a clue there surely. Well all I could come up with was that Kura means to turn, which does fit in with Uni-ball's claim that the “exclusive mechanism rotates to help prevent lead breakage” as for Toga, all my mind conjures up is a picture Emperor Claudius.

Well back to the review, these mechanical pencils are available in a choice of 6 barrel colours & come in a blister pack containing a tube of 12 spare leads. My pencil has a black sleeve, the majority of which is transparent revealing a white internal barrel, this makes the overall appearance a cool smokey grey colour. The pocket clip is black & marked with the logo & lead size.

Something I'm not too keen on are the ridges just above the tip which form part of the grip section. This is not particularly comfortable & I therefore wouldn't expect the Kura Toga to stand up to a long hard day at the office!

The automatic rotation of the lead is unique, this feature means you don't need to alter your grip to prevent the line getting wider & creating a chisel effect as other mechanical pencils do. The end cap also provides cover to a neat little eraser that proved very effective.

Whilst this pencil will no doubt be popular with those with a need for a mechanical pencil, their appearance for me is pretty basic. If you agree the top of the range Kura Toga Roulette might be of interest.

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