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Kids + Ink Pens + YouTube

We know kids will make YouTube videos about anything, but we always enjoy seeing them with pens. They make pens funny and entertaining, and they give us hope for the survival of writing instruments in the digital age.

Here are a few clips we've found recently that have made us laugh.

Sparklyhair022 shows us what's inside her kitten-covered pencil bag. She's prepared for anything, with a couple of Pilot mechanical pencils, extra lead, a fistful of pens, including Jetstreams, a correction pen, an eraser, a Uniball Propus highlighter and a pink stapler.

Texhorn99 is up past his bedtime and appears to be filming in his closet as he shows us how to use a pipecleaner to retrieve ink out of what looks like a Bic Cristal. About the 2:04 mark, he gives us a hint that he is a mischevious little guy.

LegitXSuspect gives a tutorial on how to turn the Pentel Hyper G retractable into a spring-loaded toy that will fire the ink cartridge across the room. Hint: The secret is stretching out the spring that goes around the cartridge.

MrFootballPizza compares his Pilot G2 to a Uniball and a Paper Mate. His conclusion: Go out and buy a G2. Now. Seriously. Stop watching the video and go get your own Pilot.

We're always interested in seeing more videos of kids with pens, so readers, if you find any, please send us a link.

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