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How to Send Emails in Your Own Hand Writing.

Pilot Handwriting

Pilot pens have created an application that lets you “Write by Hand on the Computer”. You use the app to turn your handwriting into a digital font; this can then be used to send personalised “handwritten emails”.

Watch the Pilot Handwriting Demo Video

It all looks very impressive but is it any good? I logged in to to give it a try The first thing I had to do was create an account at Pilot Handwriting .Com; this was very quick and easy. I hate have to fill out lots of personal information that is not required and probably only gathered for the benefit of a marketing department to harass me later.

After watching the video I was confronted with the next screen which had no instructions but I figured that I probably had to click on the printer icon.

This I did and printed off the template. Then I filled out the template using my Pilot Capless fountain pen filled with Sailor black ink (for the inkophiles among our readers).

Pilot Handwriting template

Once the template was filled out there was a choice of using a web camera, scanner or a jpeg to upload the image. Since I did not have a web camera or scanner handy I decided to use a digital camera and upload a jpeg.

The first attempt failed as I had cropped to just outside the black border and there was a message on screen saying that it could not recognise the whole of the template. I undid the crop and put more space around the image which then uploaded without any problems.

Now for the big test did it work I clicked write by hand and copied and pasted this blog post into the screen. Much to my amazement the copy and paste worked. I then emailed it to myself to see what I would receive. I think that i was expecting the handwriting to be in the body of the email, instead it was as an attached jpeg.

Pilot Handwriting Text in an email Click Image to Enlarge

Once I got over the initial disappointment the result is actually very good. Even if Pilot could not resist adding an image of a Pilot Frixion pen.

I don’t think that it is something I will personally use on a regular basis. But I can see why Pilot Handwriting .Com is becoming very popular.

Has anybody else tried it, or are you thinking of using it? As always we would love to hear from you.

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