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Handwriting Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Tiger Pens handwriting contest. We received some really outstanding entries, and it was tough to choose the winners, but we finally decided on these first- and second-place entries.

First place goes to Rodney O, from Hawaii, with this entry:

Handwriting Contest - RodneyO

Handwriting Contest - RodneyO 2

He wins a Limited Edition Lamy Safari.

Lamy Safari

And our second-place winner is Julie B, from Florida. This was her entry:

Handwriting Contest - JulieBJulie won a Pilot VPen.


Again, thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We hope you had as much fun doing the writing as we did seeing all of our readers' beautiful handwriting. If you didn't win this time, don't'll get other chances to win Tiger Pens contests.

5 thoughts on “Handwriting Contest Winners!”

  • Steve Duncan

    Cool! How many entrants did you have?

    Regrettably, I don't think I would have entered myself, but it's nice to see people still care about handwriting.

  • Kate Gladstone

    I wonder if you'd like to consider operating in alliance with the World Handwriting Contest -- . Such an alliance would mean simply that the World Handwriting Contest would annually give the first-place winner of the Tiger Handwriting Contest an opportunity to have his/her handwriting evaluated side-by-side with the handwriting of our own contest's top winners for the same year. The ultimate winner (whether from your contest or from ours) -- the best writer of all those compared -- would then receive a special prize from the World Handwriting Contest and the title of World Pen-Champ, identifying that writer as the planet's best writer for the year in question.

    Since we have already judged our 2010 contest (we understand that your own 2010 contest will close in November 2010), the winner of your 2010 contest would have his/her handwriting adjudged against the top writers of our 2011 contest. (Our contest is judged every year in July.) If you can accept this possibility, or would simply like to discuss it in order to decide how far it can interest the management and entrants of the Tiger Handwriting Contest, please reach me by e-mail. Note that this proposal allows all first-place winners of the Tiger Handwriting Contest, from 2010 onward, the possibility of achieving extra fame and glory by perhaps besting the winners of another contest: a worldwide contest, in fact (as the name suggests).

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  • reeaz

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    Interesting web site. I would like to rate my handwriting. Can anyone help me on the steps to follow if any.

    Thank you.


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