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Got an Ink Stain? Here's an (Almost) Freebie to Help

Pens can be a little messy, especially if you're an absent-minded doodler or have kids. Getting those stains out can be a frustrating process involving everything from hair spray to lemon juice.

That's why we were intrigued a few months ago when the Stain Hotline, a company in Michigan, offered free bottles of its ink remover called Ink-B-Gone. The product is supposed to remove just about any kind of ink – including Sharpie permanent marker – from walls, furniture and leather.

You can see video of the ink stain remover in action at the Ink-B-Gone site.

Unfortunately, the giveaway was over before we could tell you about it. Now, it's back...sort of. Stain Hotline sells the remover for US$14.99. During the giveaway, you can get a 1-ounce bottle by registering on the Ink-B-Gone website and paying US$4.95 for shipping and handling.

We were a little skeptical of the fee for a FREE item, but operations manager Wendy Blankenship tells us that supplies went so fast during the last giveaway, with no shipping fee, that the company was able to send out only 1,000 bottles. This time, they're giving away 5,000, she says.

(They're only shipping to US addresses.)

We can't tell you yet whether Ink-B-Gone works as well as the videos show, but Blankenship is sending out a bottle for us to review. As soon as we've put it through some tests – like getting ink off a white wall, a tile countertop and out of a T-shirt – we'll post the results.

Meanwhile, if you decide to try it for yourself, send us a note to let us know how Ink-B-Gone worked for you. We'd love to discover something that works better than the usual ink stain removal trial-and-error.

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