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Fun Little Pilot Pens Website

I came across this Pilot Pens website the other day and thought it was cute enough to bookmark for later. It's one of those sites that will only appeal to pen geeks – but, if we weren't pen geeks, we probably wouldn't be here, right? allows you to print out to-do lists, check out various Pilot pens and sign up for coupon deals via email. The design is whimsical and fun, intended to get people thinking about all the ways they use their Pilots.

Interestingly, according to, most of the site's users are young women with kids signing on from home, which sort of matches the theme.

(Check out this enthusiastic reaction to NotJustaPen from Desirai.)

I thought the printable to-go lists were kinda neat. Click the link on the right side under 'Get it done,' and you're taken to a page of PDF documents, each one with a different cheerful little format, everything from birthday planners to grocery shopping lists.

There are also some games and puzzles for kids, and dream sheets for planning vacations, dream homes, etc.

Another nifty little feature is the pens page, which offers factoids about pens like the FriXion and the G2 (which, the site claims, wrote 39% longer in a test conducted by A.C. Nielsen). You can also answer survey questions about the pens and see what other people had to say. For example,  26% of those who responded said they used the FriXion erasable pen simply because they change their minds a lot.

Not exactly a site you're going to visit every day, but a fun little time-waster for someone who is a fan of Pilot pens or a fan of making lists.

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