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Ez Grip Pens Now Available in the UK

EZ Grip Pens Logo

At Tiger Pens we are always looking for new pens to add to the extensive range in our online shop. We are pleased to announce that we are now the official UK supplier for EZ Grip Pens manufactured by Dexterity Technologies in the USA.

The Ez Grip pen has a specially designed grip with a wide ledge that requires 57% less writing pressure than traditional pens. It is recommended for use by people with arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, repetitive strain injuries and those who prefer a larger grip to hold on to.

Ez Grip Pens

We first came across Ez Grip Pens way back in August 2009 when we wrote a post for our blog “Hands Hurting Give These Ergonomic Pens a try”. Recently we were sent some to try out and we liked them so much that we decide to look into supplying them over here in the UK. The pens have received some excellent reviews over in the states and we are sure that they will be a big hit over here.

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