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Exhibition of Pens Through the Ages – Peep into History

Starting today & for the next two weeks, Lucknow, a major metropolitan city in India will be host to the first Pen Exhibition of its kind.

This event will relay the long history of pens & the organisers hope to encourage young people to give their keyboards a rest, pick up a pen & start writing. Pen enthusiasts will be able to purchase or just admire pens costing anything from 1,000 to 40,000 rupees, that's around £10 - £400 to us in the UK.


Major brands including Lamy, Sheaffer & Caran d'ache will be showcasing their wares, high end makers like Cross & Visconti are apparently also going to be on sale.

Pen Shows are held around the globe & this particular exhibition has been eagerly awaited by many. Some visitors seem to be on the look out for a gift for Diwali, the forthcoming Festival of Light whilst other pen lovers want to get a peep into history.

The exhibition has been organised by the owner of the oldest book shop in the area, Chander Prakesh, he is quoted as saying:

"Visitors would love to know how the first writing instruments were created by the Sumerians several thousand years ago,"

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