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Ever Wonder What Your Handwriting Says About You?

The ancient science of handwriting analysis (Graphology) can be traced back as far as Aristotle. Whilst this is thought to be the first recorded data, its also said to have been used by the Chinese 3,000 years ago. As unique as a fingerprint it can be used to analyse things like a persons character, ability, traits of their personality & can even be used to help track health problems from high blood pressure to depression. For example experts say that downhill writing can indicate depression & someone that crosses out their signature can mean the writer doesn't feel worthy of their place on the planet.



Some people don't set much store by analysing handwriting, there will always be naysayers in this world, people spreading doom & gloom, those who choose not to believe in anything remotely “alternative” However, the study of graphology take's time & experts in the field have professional qualifications.


If you want to read between the lines of your notebook, or something to do in your break here are a few pointers to get you started

Shape of letters
Rounded – signs of a creative individual
Pointed – curious & intelligent

Does your writing slant?
Right – sociable & enjoy meeting new people
Left – keep yourself to yourself
None – practical & logical

Size of letters
Small – suggests you are shy & meticulous
Average – a well adjusted individual
Large – generally indicates somebody confident & outgoing, but a skilled analyst could detect a cover/pretending to be more confident than you really are.

Space between letters
Wide – like freedom & dislike feeling crowded
Narrow – hate being alone

If your signature is hardly legible it may indicate you are hard to read as a person & are very private. On the other hand a clear signature that is easy to read, is generally a sign of a confident individual, someone happy in their own skin.

How you dot your i's & cross your t's can show how organised or stubborn you are, even if like me you don't suffer fools gladly!

You have probably gathered by now that I am a believer. I'm convinced by the fact that recruiter's use it to pre-select candidates, it's used by the police to help identify fraudsters & a persons handwriting can even track down health problems.

If you want to learn more about yourself or how others see you, or just have some fun passing some time, you could take an online personality test. You may or may not agree with the results!

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