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Enter Our Handwriting Contest and Win Free Swag!

Readers, we promised you a treat, and this is it: The Tiger Pens blog is holding a handwriting contest and giving away cool prizes to the people with the best scribbles.

CursiveWe've been talking a lot about handwriting lately (after all, good writing is the flip side of collecting good pens). So, now we want to see yours. All you have to do is send us a sample between now and November 21 for a chance to earn fame and glory – and something free, just in time for Christmas.

The rules are simple. Write no more than one page broken down like this:

  1. Three paragraphs on anything you want.
  2. The alphabet in a string, separated by commas. (a, b, c, d...)
  3. A numbered list of random items. (kind of like this one)

Of course, everything must be in cursive. Printing doesn't count for this contest.

Once you're done, scan or take a digital photo of your writing and send it to tony [at]

The Tiger Pens team will judge the entries on neatness and attractiveness of writing and pick a winner (or a winner and two or three runners-up, if we have enough entries.) Winners will be notified by email.

We'll post the winning entries on the Tiger Pens blog.

Remember, the deadline for entries is November 21, so get writing.

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