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Emergency Pen Intervention!

OK, pen peeps, this is a call to action.

Turns out we aren't the only ones who obsess over choosing a writing instrument. There are some accountants. They're in trouble. And they need our help.

It all started on a forum for people taking the CPA exam. DaveM was experiencing hand cramps and asked for recommendations on the "best pen for note re-writing."

At first, all was well. The Pilot Precise V5 was a contender. So was the Uniball Micro. Even the standard pencil got nominated.

But inexorably, the tide began to turn toward the Pilot G2.

Now, we all know the G2 is a fine pen, a classic even. But doing taxes is serious business, people, and that kind of work demands a top-notch pen.

So go, you wielders of the Signo. Make haste, brandishers of the EnerGel. To arms, carriers of the 701.

Save the future of accounting by adding your voices to this critical debate. Save these poor CPAs from mediocre pens.

Registration is required, but it will be a small sacrifice in service of a greater good.

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