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Creative Inspirations For Beginning Artists By Pentel UK

Artists, you know that we at Tiger Pens are always fascinated by what you are capable of creating with your favorite pens, markers and paper.

That's why we thought some of you might be interested in this Pentel UK site that offers some lessons on various art forms, as well as suggestions on how to get started in everything from comics drawing to oil painting to crafts.

This little bit gave me a laugh...

'Doodle' comes from Anglo-American English and means literally, 'to smear' or 'write unclearly'.

...since 'smearing' is basically the only kind of art I can produce.

Anyway, with a tip of our hats to your amazing abilities, we encourage you to visit the Pentel Arts Creative Centre to see whether it has anything of value to offer you.

And please remember, we're always interested in seeing artwork by our loyal customers and readers. If you have a piece of which you are particularly proud, send it along and we'll be more than happy to share it on the blog and Facebook.

Happy sketching!

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