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Crafty Easter Ideas

With so many colouring pens & markers to choose from, how about unleashing your creative talents for a spot of crafting over the holidays? 2008 Easter Egg Decorating

The tradition of decorating eggs dates back centuries & can be a fun pastime whatever the weather.

As any artist knows first you need to decide on your canvas, in this case it could be

Blown Eggs
1. Wash them with soap & water
2. Rinse & dry
3. Carefully make a hole in the bottom of each egg with a long needle or scalpel
4. Gently insert a wooden skewer through the hole to pierce the yolk
5. Make another hole at the top of the egg
6. Whilst holding over a bowl you need to blow hard through the top hole to empty the egg of its contents
7. When all that's left is air rinse & leave the shell to dry
Paper Mache

1. First make your mix by adding flour to water (about 1/3 flour 2/3 water) until you have a thick creamy consistency
2. Using narrow strips of newspaper dipped in mixture, carefully layer onto a balloon (water balloons make a the best egg like shapes) until well covered.
3. Repeat step 2 with plain paper or tissue
4. Leave until completely dry, this could take a couple of days
5. Pierce the balloon & voila you have a blank canvass ready for decorating

If either of these options seems like too much trouble & you just want to get started you could try using hard boiled eggs or buying plastic or polystyrene shapes from a craft store.

When you're ready to decorate & practice the art work I find Sharpies & Paint Markers are a good place to start, but there are many other top quality brands to choose from

Happy Easter

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