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If we Tiger Pens guys weren't proper manly sorts, we'd be giggling like giddy schoolgirls over our newly redesigned Facebook page.

Instead, we'll just politely ask that you stop by the new and improved Tiger Pens Facebook page and let us know what you think.

The Facebook page is where we will be telling you about giveaways, new pens and pencils and special deals on all your favorite writing instruments.

We also want the page to be a fun place for you to visit, where you can participate in polls, ask questions about pens, watch videos and just generally waste time that you otherwise would spend reading boring work memos.

If there is any way we can make it easier to use or more exciting to persuse, please let us know. After all, the page is for you, so we looking forward to giving you exactly what you want.

You also might want to keep an eye on FB in the future for exclusive giveaways and promotions that won't be on the blog.

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