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  • Interview: Ruth Stephens, Child Occupational Therapist

    The brilliant thing about pens is that, while they're capable of producing great art, they also provide one of our simplest, most effective means of communication, aside from speech.

    That's why we love to hear from  people who put their pens to that most fundamental task, connecting people through the handwritten word. Especially when they're helping to pass that skill on to the next generation.

    Today, we introduce you to Ruth Stephens, an occupational therapist and pen enthusiast in West Sussex.

    Please tell us a little about you.

    I am a mum of 2, who loves baking, coffee and making a difference in children’s lives

    Tell us a little about your work.

    I work in private practice assessing and providing therapy to children of all ages who have coordination and sensory issues. My areas of expertise are working with children who have handwriting difficulties and children who are adopted (both very different I know). My working life never ever has a dull day!

    Courtesy Ruth Stephens, Continue reading

  • 9 Stationery-Inspired Halloween Costumes

    Halloween's always a load of fun and a great excuse to play dress-up, especially if you're going to a costume party.

    So why not take the opportunity to flaunt your stationery geekery?

    There are any number of costumes you can buy or make that will show off your favorite pens, pencils, and paper. We'll show what a few people have done in years past, then we'll toss out a couple of ideas of our own.

    Now fire up your imaginations and let these costumes inspire you.

    Courtesy: Jade Brady, Courtesy: Jade Brady

    UK make-up artist Jade Brady put together this simple, but terrifying costumer of the old pencil-up-the-nose joke gone wrong. See more of her SFX work at her blog.


    crayola costume


    Kid's felt Crayola costume going for £10 on eBay. There are other colors, too, including blue and green. Continue reading

  • Interview: Pen-And-Ink Illustrator Rob Turpin

    While we all love pens in their various incarnations, ultimately, they're just the tools that channel the creativity of craftsmen, both artistic and practical.

    Here at Tiger Pens, we're all about those craftsmen, the pens they use, and what they choose to do with them. So it's always exciting for us when one chooses to share his story with our readers.

    Today, it's Rob Turpin, an illustrator known for his sci-fi and fantasy-inspired drawings done in pen and ink.

    This is our interview with him.

    Please tell us a little about you.

    Originally from Yorkshire, but now living in the suburbs of southwest London, I trained and worked as a graphic designer before making the leap in to illustration. I’ve just completed my first book illustration project, and I’m working on another about robots. Continue reading

  • Sharpie Nail Art

    I'm forever amazed at the things that people can do with Sharpie markers.

    So I was fascinated when I stumbled across a YouTube video explaining how to blend markers and nail polish to make brilliant Sharpie nail art.

    I've seen Sharpie nail art before, but this takes it to a whole other level. Australian Jema uses three different colors of Sharpies diluted with acetone to mix her own unique color, which she puts over a white base and then seals.

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  • Penthusiasm!

    Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! uncaps the Blank Forces X1 and X2.

    Matthias at Bleistift introduces us to his Lamy Line Friends.

    Austin at Art Supply Critic finds the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen manga set to be incomplete.

    Angela at Paper Lovestory recalls the stationery she used during her first two years of medical school.

    No Pen Intended gets serious with TUL pens.

    Amanda at Pens Paper Ink judges Sheaffer calligraphy pens.

    Lito at Palimpsest calls attention to the pen seller of Beirut.

    Azizah at Gourmet Pens sizes up the clear Gama Jumbo fountain pen.

    Stephanie at Rhodia Drive recounts the reviews of J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor ink.

    Michael at Pensninks explores iterations of the Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen.

  • Artist Turns Rocks Into Doodlestones

    (Update: Bryan Payne's mother Barb just let us know that there is a DoodlestonesUK community on Facebook.)

    doodlestoneOK, this is a project that should go global. We're going to say right up front, we'd love to see this happening in the UK.

    What "this" do we mean?

    Doodlestones, a project created by a man in St. Louis, Missouri named Bryan Payne. He uses markers to draw faces and other features on small, flat stones, then hides them in places around town. Sometimes, he lays them flat in an unobtrusive spot, other times he uses Scotch mounting putty to attach them to surfaces.

    (Payne told us he uses Faber Castell India ink art pens: "I love them, but wear the nibs down pretty fast.") has done an excellent profile of Payne and Doodlestones. From the article:

    Each stone comes from a river in his home state of Missouri. On each stone, he writes "#doodlestone," the date, and "finders keepers."

    He posts photos of the doodlestones on the project's Facebook page with small clues and geotags. People can use those clues to help hunt down the doodlestones. (You can see more photos of his doodlestones at Payne's Instagram account.) They can also create and leave their own.

    The Facebook page seems to have been started in early August and already has more than 3,000 likes. People are starting to post photos of their doodlestones, with hints about where they are hidden.

    Payne told Upworthy he started it to connect people in the St. Louis area, which has been troubled since the shooting of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson last year. He seems to be accomplishing that.

    It would be such a cool thing if a project like this would start in the UK. With so many wonderful and talented artists here, surely it would not be difficult.

    If anyone were to do it, you can be sure that you'd get as much notice from Tiger Pens Blog as we could give. Projects like this should be celebrated. If anyone makes an attempt, please let us know.

  • Penthusiasm!

    Julie at Peaceable Writer pieces together the problem with her Sailor Brush Pen.

    The Unroyal Warrant gets down to the details of the Montblanc Meisterstück 136 fountain pen.

    Michael at Pensninks offers a little pen porn with his new Kaweco fountain pens and inks from the antique market.

    George at My Supply Closet shows off some pen porn of his own: a rainbow collection of Lamy rollerball pens.

    Angela at Paper Lovestory unboxes the Faber-Castell Aqua Ambition fountain pen.

    Leslie at Comfortable Shoes Studio lists her six pencils for the month of September.

    No Pen Intended reaps the rewards of the successful Pen Rest project on Kickstarter.

    Azizah at Gourmet Pens approves of the TWSBI Eco fountain pen.

    Margana at Inkophile tries some öli ũclips magnetic clips on her journals.

    Tina at Fueled by Clouds & Coffee paper-tests Sailor Nano Kiwa-Guro Ink.

  • Pilot G2 + Potato Message = Money

    I thought this was a joke when I first heard it. Actually, I'm still not convinced that it isn't some big hoax.

    But it was on TV, so it has to be true, right?

    A man in Texas – it would have to be Texas, wouldn't it – has created a business out of writing on potatoes with a Pilot G2 and sending them to people.

    Alex Craig calls it "Potato Parcel" and he told a local news crew that his potato message business started out as a challenge from his girlfriend. Continue reading

  • Penthusiasm!

    Austin at Art Supply Critic recommends the Sanford Peel-Off Magic Rub eraser.

    Patrick at The Cramped shows off the pen-and-ink artwork that lead to "Mad Max: Fury Road."

    Matthias at Bleistift introduces the Book Block customizable notebook Kickstart project.

    Stephanie at Rhodia Drive makes sure to write down her thoughts as she has them.

    Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! reorganizes his Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter organizer.

    Azizah at Gourmet Pens inks up some Paper Oh notebooks.

    The Unroyal Warrant finds a new favorite starter pen in the TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen.

    Leslie at Comfortable Shoes Studio gets intense with the Uniball Air.

    Ed at Ed Jelley sizes up the Ti Scribe Fountain/Ballpoint Pen.

    Mark at Cool Tools pits the Milwaukee Inkzall against the Sharpie Pro.


  • Jerry Seinfeld Is A Bic Pen Man

    A friend of mine sent this to me the other day. Its an interview with comedian Jerry Seinfeld from a couple of years ago about this writing process.

    It seems that he keeps it very simple when he's working on jokes: A yellow legal pad and a blue Bic Cristal.

    Continue reading

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