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Fun Stuff

  • Andre The Giant Rollerball Pen

    andre the giant penThis year marked the 20th anniversary Andre the Giant's passing. And what do you do to commemorate a giant of a man? Why, you make a giant of a rollerball pen, of course.

    Think Pens has produced an Andre the Giant rollerball pen that is a whopping 8.5 inches long and nearly twice as big around as an ordinary pen. On the oversized clip, "Andre the Giant."

    (Those of you who are snickering by now, stop it.)

    Think only made 888 of the pens, which is good because too many of them in any one place could tip the whole planet out of balance. But the good news is that stores still have them in stock, and one could be yours for only US$236 plus shipping<

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  • Winner Of The Tiger Pens December 2013 Giveaway!

    There is a winner!

    Our secret guest picker, NYC literary agent Janet Reid, has put all 430 entries through the random number generator, and one emerged victorious...

    Page 1, No. 272...David Sexton!

    Congratulations, David, you will now wield a beautiful, shiny new gold Pilot MR gel pen. Use it with pride, and feel free to (tastefully) flash it about. After all, the MR is a writing instrument that was made to be seen.


    You also will receive a special handwritten note of advice from our secret guest. If you've ever fancied yourself a writer and dreamed of seeing your work in the front window of a book shop, heed her words carefully.

    Janet is a top-notch literary agent with a strong stable of writers that includes Steve Ulfelder, author of Edgar-nominated Purgatory Chasm, and Robin Becker, whose Brains: A Zombie Memoir has been recommended by everyone from Publishers Weekly to Charlaine Harris.

    For the last nine years, Janet has been giving tough love and advice to writers on her blog and on QueryShark, where she explains in biting detail exactly how to land an agent and hopefully get published.

    David, be sure to claim your prize as quick as you can, so it will reach you before Christmas.

    Just leave a comment below and use the 'Contact' link above to send us your mailing address, and we'll get it on its way.

    Thanks to everyone for entering and Merry Christmas to all of our loyal readers! We look forward to another great year of exciting giveaways and more mystery guests in the arts, education and pens in 2014!

  • Kids Make Their Own Quill Pens And Ink

    We wanted to give a tip o' the hat to teacher Hilary de Boerr and Class 4a at the Michael Hall school for their recent pen and ink project.

    The students used bamboo and goose quills to make ink pens and mashed berries to make ink, which they put into ink pots made of clay. They fashioned their own paper utilizing an old Chinese technique, and then used their pens and ink to write new name tags for their desks.

    "It’s clear we are ready for our new fountain pens!" the school says.

    Indeed you are. Nice job of teaching them about writing instruments by tying in a bit of fun history. Hopefully, you've made life-long writers out of at least a few of them.


  • GQ Says Every Man Should Have A Good Pen...

    ...and not just any pen, but a fountain pen.

    Got a GQ guy on your Secret Santa list this year? Well, according to the bible of style, one of the five essential things that no man should be without is a quality fountain pen.

    And interestingly enough, quality does not necessarily mean pricey, GQ says.

    The mag recommends both the Lamy Safari and the Kaweco Class Sport, two pens that are fairly inexpensive, yet known for performance and reliability.

    And why should every man have a good pen?

    Because, says writer David Coggins, "it's about the mark you make in the world when you put pen to paper, and that mark is something worth doing well."

  • Novelty Pens Make Great Stocking Stuffers

    You know we love us some novelty pens here at the Tiger Pens Blog.

    With Christmas and other gifting holidays coming up, we figured this would be the perfect time to share some new finds.

    There are novelty pens for kids, for adults and for both. Check 'em out.

    LEGO Ninjago Retractable Pen

    lego ninja pen

    Ninjas + LEGOs = win. What else needs to be said? Continue reading

  • Tiger Pens December 2013 Giveaway!

    Santa is bringing somebody a very special gift this year!

    For our last giveaway of the year, the prize is a gold Pilot MR gel pen. The trademark of the MR is its satiny smoothness – both in finish and feel and in the writing experience. When you need a pen that communicates sophistication, this is it.


    For a chance to get one of your very own this holiday season, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Once all the entries are in, we'll have a special guest picker use to select a winner.

    That person will receive a brand new Pilot MR and a personal handwritten note from our secret guest.

    You'll have until Dec. 16 to enter your name in the contest. As usual, one entry per person, please and international entries are welcome.

    The winner will be announced Dec. 17. Will it be you? There's only one way to find out.

  • The Thanksgiving Turkey Question

    obama-turkey-pardonWhich pen would you use to sign a turkey's pardon?

    If you amuse me, you may be rewarded.

    That is all.

  • Pen Station Museum in Tokyo

    cafe_ph_3A piece on the Japan Times site about pen-and-ink artist Hiroyuki Doi had an interesting little tidbit that caught our attention the other day. It was a mention of a Pilot Pen museum in Tokyo where he was having a showing.

    Have you ever heard of this place? It's called the Pen Station Museum & Cafe near the Kyobashi metro stop. It's located on the bottom two floors of Pilot Pen's corporate offices, according to Tokyo pen collector Russ Stutler.

    The first floor is a cafe that serves espresso, while the second floor serves as a gleaming tabernacle celebrating the history of writing instruments. The staircase leading from the cafe to the museum traces the history of Pilot Pen. Continue reading

  • Emergency Pen Intervention!

    OK, pen peeps, this is a call to action.

    Turns out we aren't the only ones who obsess over choosing a writing instrument. There are some accountants. They're in trouble. And they need our help.

    It all started on a forum for people taking the CPA exam. DaveM was experiencing hand cramps and asked for recommendations on the "best pen for note re-writing."

    At first, all was well. The Pilot Precise V5 was a contender. So was the Uniball Micro. Even the standard pencil got nominated.

    But inexorably, the tide began to turn toward the Pilot G2.

    Now, we all know the G2 is a fine pen, a classic even. But doing taxes is serious business, people, and that kind of work demands a top-notch pen.

    So go, you wielders of the Signo. Make haste, brandishers of the EnerGel. To arms, carriers of the 701.

    Save the future of accounting by adding your voices to this critical debate. Save these poor CPAs from mediocre pens.

    Registration is required, but it will be a small sacrifice in service of a greater good.

  • Elections And Disappearing Ink Pens

    wile e coyoteApparently, Wile E. Coyote has gotten into international politics.

    That can be the only explanation for a rash of reports the last couple of years about tricksters smuggling "disappearing ink pens" into polling places around the world from Russia to Maldives.

    I am totally not making this up.

    At first glance, I thought maybe it was the ink pens that were disappearing. Everyone knows we have a global pen thief problem. But no, the reports are about actual pens filled with disappearing ink. The story is that voters use the pens to mark their ballots, and then their vote quickly fades away. Continue reading

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