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  • Interview: Rosemary Gemmell, Novelist

    If the mind is a well of creativity, the trick is figuring out how to tap it.

    For some writers, like Scottish novelist Rosemary Gemmell, the solution is as simple as a pen.

    It becomes the conduit between thought and reality. As the ink flows, so do the ideas, and characters and story begin to take shape.

    Today, Rosemary takes a little time to share how pen-and-paper work for her.

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  • Penthusiasm!

    Stationery Ramblings gets excited that Rhodia is available in South Africa.

    Austin at Art Supply Critic gets down to basics with the Pentel Sharplet-2 mechanical pencil.

    Jess at A Planner by Nature opens up about Bullet Journaling.

    Angela at Paper Lovestory takes a quick scan of Platinum Blue-Black fountain pen ink.

    Barb at Art Journal Cafe gets down to selecting an art journal.

    Fufaraw displays a collection of Pelikan, Parker, and Sheaffer fountain pens.

    Michelle at Seaweed Kisses lays out her favorite pens for journaling. (Click through to video.)

    Elle at The Acculturated Housewife searches for the ultimate gel highlighter.

    And All Other Tasks tries to match a ballpoint pen to the Field Notes Expedition series.

    Nickole at EveryThink Else gets the blues with Pilot Iroshizuku fountain pen ink.

  • The World In Pens

    ● Gizmodo reports that Star Wars fever has reached the pen world with a lightsaber fountain pen from S.T. Dupont that floats on a magnetic platform and retails for more than £16,000. Dupont also offers an X-Wing fountain pen, while Cross has its own line of Star Wars-themed writing instruments.

    ● The accumulation of discarded pens concerns some students in India, so they've collected nearly 10,000 of them to display and hopefully convince fellow students to cut back, according to The Hindu. (They're trying to promote the use of pens made from paper, instead.)

    ● The Trail-Gazette profiles the owner of an unusual – and brilliant – business in a small mountain town in Colorado. It's a combination coffee shop/stationer that sells Moleskine notebooks and Retro 51 pens, among others, along with its cups of coffee. Continue reading

  • Penthusiasm!

    Pao at The Serial Doodler searches for feathering in Smells Like Sunday notebooks.

    Matthias at Bleistift stages a dance-off between the Mitsubishi 7700 and the Staedtler Noris colour.

    Joanna at My Precious Krafts gives high marks to the Studio Oh! Deconstructed Notebook.

    Pete at Pete Denison tries to get comfortable with the Pilot Decimo capless fountain pen.

    Brian at OfficeSupplyGeek just can't join up with US Military Memo Books.

    The Gadgeteer wishes for more choices in the First Draft Co. notebook.

    Margana at Inkophile experiments with the Speedball Elegant Writer.

    Amanda at Paper Pens Ink unfolds her new traveller's notebook.

    Azizah at Gourmet Pens deems the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen useful.

    George at My Supply Room scores with the Levenger L-Tech 3.0 rollerball pen.

  • Penthusiasm!

    Margana at Inkophile takes on cheap paper with Noodler's Black fountain pen ink.

    Matthias at Bleistift encounters the Deli No. 7083 pencil in Shanghai.

    Amanda at Paper Pens Ink gets skeptical about left-handers and smeared ink.

    Joanna at My Precious Krafts sticks to her Daiso Kraft Scrapbook.

    Cody at The Pen Haul weighs the Kaweco Sport fountain pen and finds it a little light.

    The Unroyal Warrant inks up a vintage Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen.

    Brian at OfficeSupplyGeek makes friends with the Field Notes 56 Week Planner.

    David at Too Many Inks shows off the Pelikan M320 Ruby Red.

    Ray at Fountain Pen Quest changes inks in the Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age fountain pen.

    Rhonda at the Blog of Rhonda Eudaly accidentally tries out the Uniball Signo Broad gel pen.

  • Interview: Writer Femi Martin

    Femi Martin is a storyteller.

    She's created fiction inspired by Charles Dickens novels, shared her struggles with illness in the Achalasia Diaries on BBC 4, and captivated UK festival audiences with performances of her short stories about love, relationships, and stolen chocolate bars.

    Her stories always start at the point of a pen, and Femi was kind enough recently to share with us how writing by hand guides her creative process.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I write fiction but am an avid reader of non-fiction. I am particularly interested in the body, especially the brain. As I am prone to over-thinking I have to carve time out of my day for switching off. I do this by either going to the gym, meditating, or watching reality TV. My favourite reality show is Project Runway but I mostly watch anything to do with love and relationships. Oh, and Judge Judy, of course. Continue reading

  • Interview: Amanda Miller, the Chalkboard Lady

    Art comes in all forms.

    It can be a pen-and-ink drawing. Or a watercolor painting. Or a delicate pencil sketch.

    Or sometimes, it can be a simple chalkboard menu written in a flowing hand.

    Meet Amanda Miller, known as the Chalkboard Lady to her clients.

    Please tell me a little about you.

    I live in the East Yorkshire village of Cottingham with my husband and two Labradors.

    Please tell me a little about your work.

    I produce chalkboard art and wall-art for businesses and homes across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. My clients range from major pub chains to small independent shops and cafes. I trained as a ticket writer in the artroom of a supermarket chain producing all point-of-sale by hand. This eventually lead to me writing chalkboards. I've been doing so for 18 years now! Wall-art is very popular at the moment and I do quite a lot of that from family trees to favourite quotes, all written freehand.

    chalkboardlady1 Continue reading

  • Engineers Fascinated By How Pens Work

    This was a bit surprising: A YouTube video in which an engineering professor explains how a retractable pen works became a bit of a viral hit.

    The simple 4:43 video from Bill Hammack – "engineerguy" on YouTube – had been viewed more than 370K times when I last checked, about a month after it was posted.

    In the video, Hammack uses a Parker Jotter and some 3D modeling graphics to describe the interplay between plunger, cam, and spring that extends and retracts the ink cartridge and produces that distinctive clicking noise. Continue reading

  • Interview: Novelist Zoe Sumra

    Pens are one of the most basic tools that writers can use, so when whole worlds of imagination flow out of them, it seems magical.

    And maybe it is – the story inside a writer's head comes to life when the words hit the page.

    That's why, even with all the technology available to writers today, some still prefer to start their work with nothing but a pen and paper to hand.

    Novelist Zoe Sumra is one of them. The London-based writer recently some time out to answer some questions from the Tiger Pens Blog.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I decided to become a novelist when I was three - I'd just learnt that the youngest published author was four and a half, and realised I had eighteen months to beat that. I didn't quite manage it: I actually started writing novels when I was twelve. Since then I have written an epic fantasy trilogy - firmly in the trunk - and quite a lot of space opera in what is now a fully developed story universe. When not writing or reading, whether for pleasure or research, I spend most of my spare time fencing, in the gym as an adjunct to fencing, or rehabilitating ankle injuries. My day job is as a print controller in the advertising industry. Continue reading

  • The World in Pens

    Pilot Pen continues its campaign to make pens sexy by returning to New York Fashion Week with gift bags and a dress festooned with pens, reports World Branding Forum.

    Smile Politely introduces Chicago-area artist Katie Funk, who designs unusual mandalas, including one made up of mostly nudes, for her coloring books.

    Moleskine fanboys/girls might be excited by the new Livescribe special edition that includes a Moleskine-branded Livescribe pen, an Evernote premium subscription, a Moleskine notebook and a few other goodies, according to The Next Web.

    A college student offers some tips for personalizing notebooks – like how to use Scotch tape to make your notebook cover a dry-erase board – in the Daily Star of Bangladesh.

    In the most unsurprising news story ever, the Telegraph reports that kids who don't write letters also don't think letter-writing is fashionable.

    The Korea Herald tells the story of an artist whose installation art about handwriting consists of having people walk into an isolated room and transcribe literary works with a pencil.

    Good news from the Atlantic: Artist Jason Polan's project to draw Every Person in New York has been turned into a book with 30,000 of his drawings. (In 2011, Jason told us about the pens he uses.)

    Create great nail art on the cheap with Pilot Choose gel pens, according to BlogHer.

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