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Calligraphy With A Message – And A Bite

Readers, you know calligraphy has been on our minds of late, so we were delighted to stumble across this little gem from German artist Stephanie Wiehle.

In a piece she wrote for Bored Panda, Stephanie said:

I bought a new Pentel Watercolour Brushpen and was obsessed by trying it out but I had no real idea what to write. So I thought, what if you stop giving nice advice or spreading encouraging demands. Just be honest and say that life sucks from time to time in a funny way.

She used her brush pen and some bits of pieces of fruit and flowers to create some hand-drawn pieces that offer some tough love in a lovely way.

Hand-drawn by Stephanie Wiehle Used with permission of Stephanie Wiehle

You can see the rest of the series "Lessons of Life" at Stephanie's website, as well as other collections of her calligraphy and drawings, and a blog (in German.) Be warned: Some of her pieces use some borderline bad words.

Wanting to see more work like this, I Googled "witty calligraphy" and found Alex Richter, who hand-draws things like "Hope you step on  a Lego" and sends them out on Snapchat. His collections of funny but mean-ish calligraphy are pretty amusing.

It's really great to see calligraphy making rock stars out of pen people.

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